The only person in the world known to “hear” colours

13 Jan

Neil Harbisson is an incredible example of what we’d call a ‘cyborg’! He has successfully had a chip implanted in his brain that allows him to hear colour. He can literally hear the frequency each hue of colour lets off!


There is a light sensor that picks up the color frequencies and sends it to the chip that then translates the vibrations into sounds in his ears. When he paints, he can individually hear each color so he knows what each color is. He can also do the same for people’s faces – he picks up on the skin tone and can hear the frequency of your eye color.

Experiencing color is immensely different for him. Since red has the lowest frequency, it is the opposite of what we think red to be – passionate and intense – to him its very calming and relaxed.

Something I found so interesting is that he says no one is actually black or white – we are all different hues of orange! His perception of the world is truly like no other.



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