Physicists: Information is the root of the cosmos

24 Jun

Scientists are now starting to come to a new revelation about the building blocks of the universe. If not atoms, particles, or tiny strings. What about information itself?

For hundreds of years, modern scientists have postulated about the nature of the universe (even longer if we go back to ancient philosophy and  beyond)What is the most basic building block? Quantum Particles? Waves? Mass Energy? Space-Time? Tiny strings with many magnitudes of dimension?

Recently, a new point of discussion for scientists is“Information”, and this idea is gaining steam around the world! The late John Archibald Wheeler, a distinguished physicist often described the idea as “It from Bit” ~ “It”referring to all of the stuff of the universe and“bit” meaning the information itself.

There’s no question that information is changing society, we are in the information age, as more and more information of all kinds becomes present through the ever expanding internet, we are becoming more and more aware of… well, all of the information known to mankind!

The question then becomes… How specifically does this information affect us? And what can we do with it? How does it change our understanding of who we are? Who are we…really?

Knowledge Definition Magnifier Showing Information Intelligence And EducationWhile it may seem like a metaphor on steroids, this idea does hold a lot of weight. Information has many meanings. There are things one can learn, such as facts or knowledge. Measurements of how much one learns, states of opposite such as On/Off, Yes/No, One/Zero, Male/Female.

Even the descriptions of communication systems, the content of computations, states of quantum fields, and the power and ability to explain and even cause things to happen, are all forms of information. This vast, vast realm of “is” holds a lot of weight to physicists, as from all of that information, even matter itself can come into existence as a byproduct of information.

The universe is written in binary

“Historically, matter has been at the bottom of the explanatory chain, and information has been a sort of secondary derivative of it. […]  There’s increasing interest among at least a small group of physicists to turn this upside down and say, maybe at rock bottom, the universe is about information and information processing, and it’s matter that emerges as a secondary concept.”

Paul Davies, Physicist.


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